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2020-06-28 Jesus Prays for His Disciples
2020-06-14 Jesus Prays for Himself
2020-06-07 The Sorrow Exchange
2020-05-31 Three Impossible Things
2020-05-24 Believers and Persecution
2020-05-17 Learning Friendship from Jesu
2020-05-10 Fruit in the Believers Life.m
2020-05-03 God's Vineyard
2020-04-26 The Holy Spirit
2020-04-19 The Greater Works of God
2020-04-12 Message
2020-04-05 Message
2020-03-29 Let Not Your Heart Be Trouble
2020-03-22 Good Intentions
Radical Love 2020-03-15
People of the Towel 2020-03-08
Belief and Unbelief 2020-03-01
The Effects of the Dying King 2020-02-23

What Shall I Bring toOffer?  ~ Pastor Blaine Donaldson 02/16/20

2020-02-16 What Shall I Bring to Offer.m
It is Worse than You Think but also Bett
When Jesus Doesn't Make Sense 2020-02-02
Jesus is God Deal With It 2020-01-26
Jesus is Our Good Shepherd
The Blind and the Ignorant Blind 2020-01
Why Do Bad Things Happen 2019-12-15
Before Abraham Was I Am 2019-12-08.mp3
Freedom and Slavery 2019-12-01.mp3
Jesus is the Light of the World 2019-11-
Our Sin Our Judgement Our Savior 2019-11
Come to the Living Water 2019-11-03.mp3
Questions From the Fence 2019-10-27.mp3
When Jesus Does Not Make Sense 2019-10-2
The Bread From Heaven 2019-10-13.mp3
Savior of the Storm 2019-10-06.mp3
When Little is Enough 2019-09-29.mp3
The Giver of Life 2019-09-15.mp3
The Man Who Could Do Nothing 2019-09-08.
The Needed Healing 2019-08-11.mp3
Believe Then See 2019-08-04.mp3
The Harvest is Here 2019-07-28.mp3
Three Barriers to Faith 2019-07-21.mp3
Spirit and Flesh 2019-07-14.mp3
Believing and Sin 2019-07-07.mp3
You Must Be Born of the Spirit (Part 2)
You Must Be Born of the Spirit 2019-06-2
God Of Forgiveness And Righteousness 201
How to Get Miracles Started 2019-05-19.m
Jesus Is Calling You 2019-05-05
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